Dominique got his aerobatic bug at birth. Since he was able to think he got infected by the aviation bug, especially by the „upside down“ bug. Talented as he is he won several world aerobatic championships in paragliding and has a huge experience flying aerobatic planes and was a test pilot for new paragliders. Beside aviation he is an experienced civil engineer who manages big projects and leads the biggest subsidiary of a well known swiss engineering company. Together with Thomas, he is the initiator of this project and is managing the whole technical aspect, coordination, paperwork and test flying of our aEro plane. 



Thomas is an experienced helicopter pilot with more than 2’500 SAR missions, entrepreneur and management specialist who has led large and small companies.
Flying aerobatic is one of his hobbies and he feels the time is right to make aerobatics more popular. This can be reached by introducing a new way of flying aerobatic.
Efficiency, CO2 neutral, low-noise profile, affordable – this is what electric aerobatic planes can provide to the world. Together with Dominique, he is the initiator of this innovative and future prove project and manages mainly finance, marketing, organization of the project.



Matthias, one of the inventors and builders of the original Silence Twister, is as well heavily involved in the creation of the aEro 1.0. His heavy experience in moulding construction and sound aerodynamic experience is needed to develop the aEro 1.0.



Thomas, beside creating the original Silence Twister, is responsible for all FEM - calculations and structural analysis of the aEro 1.0.



Fabian is plane addicted since youth and realized his dream of flying
at the age of 18 with obtaining his private pilot flight license.
Being fascinated to everything that flies, he was ignited at the first moment
with our project and proved a heavy help to the project.
By his good knowledge in web development he is responsible for creating
and updating our webpage and social media channels
but as well his competency in aviation makes him a great value for any trouble shooting tasks.



Sven Ambiel gained experience as a system engineer after completing his studies and later bringing the company insysta to life. He took over the reins of the IT company 10 years ago.
With technological trends always on his radar, his fascination for modern aviation and the potential for ecological, efficient and cost effective aircraft led him to support this project. Insysta will support and accompany Hamilton Aero on the digital journey as an IT partner in an environment where IT requirements are steadily changing and growing, we contribute to the simplification and optimization of business processes.



Sébastien was part of the Solar Impulse project and responsible to develop the electric architecture. He brings in his huge knowledge about electric engines as well to project aEro. Beside his knowledge he is a passionate aerobatic pilot and one of the test pilots of aEro 001.

Dr. Frank


Dr. Anton Frank is the head of electric engine development at Siemens. Beside of his scientific work he is a passionate and very experienced pilot, flying aerobatic aircrafts and helicopters and a huge supporter of our Hamilton aEro project.



Gerhard Lehman developed our battery management system and is a passionate aviation pilot.



Simon is an electric engineer and aerobatic pilot as well. He helps in all kind of task and is the good soul on our project.